Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

I have been a very bad craft blogger. I readily admit to this. I do PROMISE that a new craft centric post is on the way. Until then you will have to be tided over with these pictures I took in San Diego. Hang with me!!!

What a scamp!

Not made of wool

Balboa Park- flowers aren't funny

Enjoy koi

I love two things: crafts and aquariums

Eel better soon

It is not a vacation without geology



The look!!!!

We had a moment


I took him home


Workshop Cooker said...

I really wish that we could take that seal back. He just keeps barking at the dogs and now the house stinks of fish. You took great pictures of him though. For your safety's sake i hope that you were using a telephoto lens.

Nico said...

YAY THE SEALS!!! I love those hungover seals. I visit them every time I'm down there. GREAT photos, Jess, especially the eels!! Fantastic colors!

Molly said...

I too especially like the eels. I want to see that one up close!

Kelly Rashka said...

nice work bb!! IMG_2629_2.jpg is my total fave. it looks like you had a good time and i am glad you avoided the dreaded drop-kick! xoxo

Anonymous said...


These are beautiful, and just in time for Nature Photography Day!