Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos Masks

Dia de los Muertos is one of my favorite holidays! Living in the Southwest I have noticed that this celebration has becoming increasingly part of popular culture without becoming over commercialized. If you are unfamiliar with Dia de los Muertos I highly recommend reading up on it. It is a meaningful holiday that celebrates life and death. Added bonus the decorations are amazing.

To celebrate this year I made my own Dia de los Muertos skull masks. I picked up the paper mache masks at Michael's right before Halloween. If you are lucky they still may have some!!! Next I painted them using regular craft paint. The traditional skulls are usually colorful and celebratory. We tried a little bit of everything.

Paper mache mask primed in white craft paint

Decorating with swirls and things

Good thing about being a skull: No double chin

Luchador! Courtesy of Casey

Muy traditional

Finished Mask- Like the Platinum Grill? It was unintentional.

What if this is what I look like inside?

This scares me pretty bad

Someone give this guy a sandwich

I know that you are thinking: Finally! A use for all those skull masks I have just laying around the house. You are welcome!!!!


Anonymous said...

Once you clean it off, a real skull works just fine!!!!!

Kelly Rashka said...

sweeet skulls. maybe you can dress me up for next year's all souls?? you are uber talented.

Sergio said...

I love these!!! Dia de los Muertos was my favorite holiday growing up.

You are very talented!!

Workshop Cooker said...

I really like the way that yours turned out. My luchador one is fun but overall i think yours look much more finished. Well done, can we make this a yearly tradition please? It would be awesome to litter the house with decorated skulls.

Jenny Brew said...

Hey Jessica! I really want to purchase some felt animals from you! Would you be interested in making me some? I need some snuggly friends in my life! My email is XOXOXOXO

-Jenny Brew