Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let the Holidays Begin!

I spent the last week in the mountains, and I was inspired. 

It wasn't Arctic cold, but it did snow.

When I think Thanksgiving, I think polar bear.


And now for a change of pace...

Did you see that??!!

Who needle felts a yeti?

Stay tuned for more needle felting, holiday cards, and other crafts. Happy belated Thanksgiving!


Nico said...

OMG i want that fucking yeti. amazingggggg work

Hellen Harty said...

ZZZZOMFG I WANT THAT YETI EVEN MORE! PLEASE! JESS! JESS?! PLEASE! Jess, I adore your work, and that Yeti is really the best little felt person I've ever imagined. The polar bear is too adorable for words. YOU WIN!

Molly said...

That first picture of the Yeti should be your Christmas card.

Victoria said...

Listen, I don't know who needle felts a yeti...but I'm expecting one as a Christmas gift. That thing is awesome. I also love mini-Hannah and mini-Milo. Too cute!