Monday, December 1, 2008

You All Knew This Would Happen

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a "dog person." I am wayyyyy into my pups. So, here they are, the wool felted dogs!

Hannah can really strike a pose.

Show off.

Milo REALLY hates pictures. Really.

Close up of wool felt Milo.

A better (top secret photo) of Milo.

Unrelated: I have recently learned there are more people reading my blog than I thought. Wow that makes me nervous! I thought Nico, Hellen, and Molly were the only ones that read this damn (!)  thing. Thanks everyone for your interest and support!


Molly said...

I really like the dramatic photo of Milo with his doppleganger. Well done!

Nico said...

MAN, you seem to make these little stuffed friends so FAST!! Talent certainly runs to no end when it comes to the Bates family! Also, I'm glad that a surprising number reads your blog! i must say that it is totally HOT SPOT worthy

Nico said...

Just wanted to come back and say how much i love these photos of your babies. haha!

Jessica said...

Thanks Nico! I am rather fond of my fur babies (the live ones rather than the felted.)

Hellen Harty said...

Good god yes. Yeeees.