Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is This Really a Craft?

Answer: I don't care.

So here is the story. For Thanksgiving we got the dogs stuffed snowmen out of the Target dollar bin. Of course, they were quickly defluffed and torn to shreds. Well, these snowmen happened to be wearing hats and scarves. These hats and scarves happened to be just about the right size for the pups. You do the math. I cut the accessories off the now mangled bodies, sewed a little elastic to the hats and voila!

Top secret Milo picture 

Hannah loves the pictures

They look like a cross between pajamas, baker's outfits, and some sort of French outfit. Perhaps a French baker headed to bed? 


Hellen Harty said...


Molly said...

They look so funny. Make my dogs hats!

Jessica said...

If you click on the image you can see them almost life-sized!

Nico said...

so cute! Kudos to you, Jess. No... TWO KUDOS!!