Friday, January 16, 2009

Felt Fever

I am sure all two of my readers are pretty bored of wool felting by now, but that is too bad. Here are some more.

Below is a cat I actually did around Thanksgiving but never got around to posting. He isn't the best work I have ever done, but oh well.


When I was sick, I watched a lot of Planet Earth on Blueray. I was inspired...

Yes he is in the freezer ice bin

This last little guy is a fun time. You can't tell from the pictures, but he has awesome back stripes. If you are lucky I may post them later.

Chipmunk Fever

a la acorn


Casey Wills said...

the picture captions are great. Chipmunk a la acorn, delightful. Keep up the good work.

Nico said...

HAHA i love the captions as well.

i love all these fuzzy friends! They are even more fun when you're hanging out with them IN REAL LYFE

Kyle said...

Did the Penguin pose hiself in the ice bin, or did you make him do that? For the record, I am NOT sick of the ¨felt friend¨posts.

Sergio said...

These creatures just kill me, they kill me I tell you.

Jenny Brew said...

penguin perfection.