Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Yeti!!!

My husband and I went up to Greer for a super quick mini getaway this week. Check out what we ran into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow Yeti!!!???!!!


Nice abs! He must work out.


We also saw a bald eagle, but he flew away before we could get any pictures :(


Nico said...

WAIT you made this? or you found it, already made??

i wanna hang out again jess!! our next task should be taking photos we actually wanna keep, haha. maybe sunday at Molly's again??

Molly said...

Impressive! Especially the ass. I like to imagine that this snow yeti was like 8 feet tall.

Casey Wills said...

Molly what the hell do you mean imagine? He was 9 feet tall if he was an inch and just as broad.

Jenny Brew said...

ran across this and thought you might enjoy it:
of course i think your creations are much more appealing. are any of your lovely creatures for sale? PS i sent the link to your blog to another blogger. she collects animal miniatures. i hope that's ok! xoxoxo

Hellen Harty said...

His flat stomach makes me incredibly uneasy.