Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Dewey Pics

I think I have found my true photographer. Here are some more pictures of Dewey. He is growing up so fast!

First day of school

Not so fast


Gentleman Dewey

Dewey Disapproves- Puggles are very disapproving

Betty Davis eyes

Thanks for taking a look. If you are interested in any dog photography lets talk!


Nico said...

Okay then, let's talk!

Workshop Cooker said...

Jessica Dogtographer. Sergio look out. And Kelly, it would seem as if Jess has thrown down the Puggle Gauntlet.

Molly said...

These pictures are even more impressive if you've met Dewey, and seen the incredible speeds in which he moves.

Jenny Brew said...

I want!

Anonymous said...

Can you please make a Dewey and felting blog? Thank you.


Jenny Brew said...

I want this puppy!