Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have been a very bad crafter. In fact, I have done very little crafting at all. What's the hold up? Well, I have been taking pictures, reading about taking pictures, and editing pictures. It has been digital photography overload for me. Since I have nothing else to report back on, I will just show you some of my pics...

My parents got a puggle puppy! And his name is Dewey! DEWEY!!! My dogs, of course, refer to him as Uncle Dewey. Uncle Dewey was fun to take pictures of, but damn he was fast! Here are some successful shots:

It is Dewey with a "y" damn it

Oh geez

Attacked! (And yes, I am that white)

Another factor in my absence is that I took a vacation. Finally. My mini Fam headed up to Greer, AZ for the week, and it was wonderful. We relaxed, communed with nature, and even had a freak snow storm. 


Yes, there are badasses in Greer

Goosen at sunset


We were prepared for the elements (!)

Damn oxen died


May have been color enhanced

Hope you enjoy the pictures! If anyone would like to see more and/or  higher resolution versions let me know. Thanks! Oh, and I promise to get back on the crafting bandwagon soon.


Nico said...


and, i love your hilarious captions as always. I love Dewey!!!

Workshop Cooker said...

I have to be honest. That guy was far from badass. He looked like the product of Clay Aiken and James Spader reproducing. Only, without the looks and talent.

Did you lose the oxen trying to ford the river?

The pictures look great and the captions are even better.

J Cola said...

Needless to say, puppies are so cute.

Hellen Harty said...

The oxen died and you all got dysentery. That PUGGLE is adorable! I've never seen such a cute one. Now I want a dog even badder. Real badder.

Molly said...

Very nice work! You are getting really good with the camera already!

My iPhone photos of Dewey didn't come out near as good :(

Anonymous said...

Yay, cutest pups in the world!!