Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Bunny for Nico

There is only one way to wish someone goodbye and happy birthday at the same time. This is it:

He had to catch it first.

Birthday Bye Bye Bunny!

I mustn't- oh but I must!

I think he likes it!

Nico, I hope you like your new little friend. I am a little worried because LA seems like no place for a bunny, but I trust you will be a good parent. 


Nico said...

Wow, I am ALL SMILES in these pictures. I was so happy during these, you have NO idea.

The bunny is perched right here on my computer desk, in my room back home in Burbank! I will love him and take kindle to him every day, so don't worry! :)

Thanks so much again Jess! Miss ya!

Molly said...

Very nice job, again!

And I'm glad to hear that Nico has given the bunny a Kindle so he can read the New York Times each night.

Nico said...

UPDATE: yes, the bunny LOVES to read the news, for some reason! Not so much books or anything, just newspapers! and doing the crossword puzzlez

i am feeding and watering him too. so far so good! this beats the hell out of those damn Tamagotchi things

Workshop Cooker said...
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Workshop Cooker said...

Nico i just hope you do not live near anything radioactive or nuclear because with that little guy looking so good you might run into problems. You might wake up the middle of the night to the sound of him eating all your carrots or gnawing away at what is left of your legs. Sleep tight!

Hellen Harty said...

It looks alive! Big fat kudos on that! Super good job!

Anonymous said...

So cool! You inspired me to try needle felting

Thank you!
<( -_- )>

Jenny Brew said...

Would you be interested in making me a bunny? I have been trying to talk my boyfriend into letting me get a pet bunny with poor results. I would be willing to pay! xoxoxo