Monday, September 28, 2009

Dog Photography

In an attempt to improve my photography (specifically dog photography) I decided to take my camera along for a quick weekend getaway to Greer. I captured a whole lot of images! Here are some of the better ones. I think I am improving on my CRAFT.
You can get lost in those eyes!

NO WAI! (thanks Nico!)

What to murder next...

She loves vacays

A tale of two tails

Sneak Attack

Dainty Paws

My love

Just my fur kids. Hangin' out.

Glamour shot (where is the red rose?)

Driver License Photo

Coach Snuggle


Sneak attack part II

Leash vision

A squeaky toy may have been used

Someone needs Just For Men Gel


Anonymous said...

I'm hiring you to take pictures of my rats

Workshop Cooker said...

You have some how managed to capture the essence of both dogs while leaving out the evil nature of Hannah and camera shy ways of Milo.

Molly said...

Dainty paws is my favorite.

Come take pictures of my dogs!!!

Nico said...

This Dog Photog (feel free to use that phrase) is simply wonderful! I love Milo and Hannah so much. Jess, I seriously need some photo tips from you. These are smashing!!

Kelly Rashka said...

Love the photos! The new size is wicked! Great job.

J Cola said...

These are lovely! There isn't one that didn't turn out great.

Sergio said...

Jessica!! Great work!!! I love them!!!