Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awww Rats!

Although I focus on dog photography, I love ALL animals... OK, I don't like mosquitos. Darby asked me to take pictures of his new rat babies, and I was happy to oblige. They proved difficult to capture because they were so darn quick. If an eye wasn't blinking than a whisker was twitching! Also, please excuse all the noise (graininess) in the pictures. I really had to increase the ISO and it wasn't ideal. If it really bothers you please squint. Thank you.

Family Picture

Brotherly Love

Ratty Drama


Rat Art= Rart?


And then there was light! And then a mini rat!

Albino Beauty


Sexy shoulder glance


I think beady eyes are charming

Good rat. Five dollar. Deals?

Rat circa 1974

The cutest infestation ever


Hope you enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Glorious!!! You're the best ratographer around, Jess! Sorry I didn't have enough lightbulbs, but you pulled it off anyway!

Hey, don't sell Algernon for 5 dollars! Better make it 10.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
<(    ^  -  ^    )>

Workshop Cooker said...

Oh snap. These little guys are super cute. I would not mind as much if these little guys were chewing through my wires. Although, that might be because the photos captured their essence so well. Especially that whiskas one.

Nico said...

Lovely pics! I will continue to defend you by arguing that photography IS a form of craft.

Jess, I added your noggin to my list of heads on my blog!

Molly said...

Beautiful! Love the Rart one and the kissy one.

Those rats are a delight!

Anonymous said...

Wait, there are crafts on here. You felted this rat replica, right?

Megan said...
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Megan said...

Those are some dayum cute rats.

Kelly Rashka said...

Great job Jess! Those rats are not totally terrifying! You made them look cute. Difficult task, I would say. Ratty Drama, Rart and Whiskas! are my personal faves.