Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Devo & McRib Dogtography

Ok I am a giant liar. I promised there would be more crafts before photography. Clearly this is more photography. There are crafts in the making, but the pictures aren't ready yet. These pictures are.

I would like to introduce you to Devo and McRib. These are my sister and her soon-to-be-husband's dogs. They are rescue pups (which I love!), shar-pei mixes, and also brother and sister. They have very silly names as well.

McRib Vision

I think he is a pitbull for sure

Debating which gross thing to do next


Sister and Brother

McRib with dignity

McRib's tongue (no dignity)


Lovely Lady Devo


The Eyebrows!

What a Love

McRib deep in thought (common in mutts)

I hope you can forgive my little lie and hope you enjoy the dogtography!

p.s. Click on the images for extra hugeness!


Kelly Rashka said...

Holy smackdown! These are the best dog photos yet!! You are just kickin some maja touche. Time to work on that site dogtographer! BRAVO!

Workshop Cooker said...

I really like these ones. I can't even think of something mildly amusing to say about them as the are just plain quality. What can you say?

Nico said...

I envy your focusing skills!! great photos! I love these pups

Molly said...

Love that one where Devo is smiling, amazing! But obviously McRib's tongue stole the show. Who's that newsie McRib is kissing, though?

Also, thanks for not including the dead bird photo.

My dogs look so great, I wonder if Pedigree is looking for new models.