Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Felt Squid Gift-O-Rama

My friend Jenny is a fan of the wool felt animals, and for the past few months she has hinted that a wool felt squid would be really great.  Always being one to please, I whipped this little guy up for her. I hope Jenny enjoys her new friend!

Arty Squid

Orcas better watch their backs

 Please do not do this with a real squid

It is all in the eyes


Nico said...


Jess, this might actually be my favorite thing you have EVER felted. Like, I still love the felty friend you made for me, Mr. Bunn, the best. But DAMN this is sick. Jenny is one very very very lucky girl. This is adorable and wonderful and so great!!

Workshop Cooker said...

Oh man. I am so terrified i can barely perform my leaping acts. My dorsal fin has been scared straight up again. I hope the dolphins back me up when that guy comes for me.

I'm Jenn said...

Awesome felted goodness Jess!

Molly said...

This is very well made. I think you should have more fun with color in future wool friends! This turned out super cute because of the purple.

J Cola said...

This is one of the best things that has ever happened. My life is complete.

Kelly Rashka said...

holy squid nation! this dude is tots bad ass! you are super gifted!

Anonymous said...

I am so scared to see this giant purple squid walking through the room last Sunday. Just as I am ducking beneath the kitchen counter, its massive eyes (the biggest of any animal) reach into my heart and melt it in a good way.

I envy you, Jenny Colaleo, for having a friend in this gentle beast. Arty Squid, the giant squid, lives in my memory forevermore.