Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flowers for you, Valentine

I hope you enjoy these ribbon flowers my friend Katie and I made. They are super easy to make. All you need is some ribbon, a needle and thread. If you want, you can attach them to some floral wire with floral tape for an instant bouquet.

The trial and error bouquet (Mostly a success!)

Artsy shot

Close-up of my fav flower

Serious fun

A very large fabric flower- all Katie on this one 

I was so inspired by these ribbon and fabric flowers I quickly found other applications for them. Below is a Valentine's Day card I made my parents. I made a simple ribbon flower, but instead of attaching it to floral wire, I adhered it to the card and added some jewel accents.

Easy Peasy

Would you buy this?

Dramatic shadows for added emphasis

If you live in Tucson and ever need flowers, give Katie call! She is a super talented florist, and may I add a complete doll. Visit her shop Posh Petals!


AnotherKaitlyn said...

So lovely!

Nico said...

these are great!! hoorayyyy

and might i add, nifty phots! ;) ;) ;) wink wink

Molly said...

We must find some way to incorporate these into my wedding.

J Cola said...

I've wanted to do things with ribbon, the possibilities seem so unexplored.
These flowers are a great example of the wonders of ribbon.

Kelly Rashka said...

The artsy shot! Excellent. And the dramatic shadows?! Brillz.