Friday, February 20, 2009

When Will I Stop Posting Wool Felt Animals?


I will never stop posting wool felt animals because they are the best (and perhaps one of the most obscure) crafts! This winged porker turned out rather well, although I think the bright pink may be a bit much. My next flying pig may be a more soothing peach.

My Whimsical Little Piglet

This guy was started awhile ago at Marl's Craft Jam 09, but he was just finished a few nights ago. He started looking a bit turtle-like, but now there is no question this guy is the KING OF DINOSAURS!!!

Terrifying I Know

Full Body Sexiness

If You Don't Move He Can't See You

Sure, wool felt animals are great. They are cute, they offer unconditional love, and they are a hit at parties. That all seems well and dandy, but did you realize that not all of the earth's creatures feel this way?! Below, an image of the wool felties one known natural predator...

The Humanity!!!

Don't worry folks, the pig survived (unlike an untold number of lizards- R.I.P Lizzies). Remember, always keep your wool friends out of dog reach. Only you can prevent wool tragedy.

I apologize if the font size varies from post to post. Blogger apparently hates me, and thinks it is hilarious to posting things differently than the draft. Anyone else have this problem?!


Nico said...

I got SO scared when I read the title of this blog post! I shouted NOOOO! And then I was so relieved to begin reading and see that you will never stop. I love your felty friends soo much!!

these turned out AWESOME, especially T-Rex!!!! and BTW, your fonts and sizes are all looking a-ok to me :)

Molly said...

Very nice pig and dino! I love them both. You totally staged that dog attack, I can smell it.

The fonts do change for me, but I'm not bothered because I have amazing vision.

Head Cooker said...

THe T-Rex turned out real nice and i am glad you decided to make your pig a flying pig. When in doubt always add wings. That is how the gryphon made it so far in mythology.