Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Glitter Skulls

Tuesday night, my sister Molly, Hellen, and I all got together for a craft night. Crafts were made, and Kraft Mac n' Cheese was consumed. I decided to glitterize some skulls. See my inspiration from Pottery Barn below:

Not to toot my own horn, but I sorta think mine turned out better. I haven't actually seen the Pottery Barn ones in person, but I am sure "German Glitter Glass" means "Fancy Named Glitter That is Going to Cost You $19.00 a Piece."

The supply list was easy. Styrofoam skulls of any size; mine are about 4 inches in height. Spray adhesive glue. Assorted color glitter. Craft paint in the same color as your glitter. I also needed a paint brush as well as a pair of rubber gloves (the think kitchen kind worked well.) It cost under $20.00 at Michael's.


First, paint the skulls in whatever color you like and allow them to dry. You are only looking for minimal coverage so no white shows.

Second, spray small sections of the skulls with the spray adhesive. Wear gloves and avoid gluing your hand like I did. That adhesive is brutal! Also, please spray outside so you don't give your friends and family cancer. Thank you.

Third, quickly cover that section in glitter.

Repeat until fabulous.

Please keep this in mind, I am working with my rather sad back-up camera because my good camera died. Also, glitter is damn hard to photograph!

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Having a Moment

The Whole Gang's Here!


Nico said...

"Repeat until fabulous" is a great line. I'm going to steal it.

Great skullz my friend
The whole gang IS here!! Can I be the one on the far right?

Hellen Harty said...

"Pottery Barn ain't got shit on you." I meant it then, and I mean it now. You are a craft queen.

Molly said...

You spelled Hellen's name wrong! After all that talk about the spelling of it and everything...

The skulls are awesome, and even better in person. I am jealous.

Jessica said...

I correct the misspell. Many sorrys Hellen!

Victoria said...

Please tell me you're going to throw some enormous party to show off all this sweet stuff. Love it, love it, love it.