Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Retail Therapy

Well, the last few days have been crazy busy and insanely stressful on both the personal and business front. It does make me feel a little bit better to know these puppies are on the way:

I am excited to get started on both stuffed animal creation, as well as wool felting. Wool felting seems a little scary, but the finished products are so amazing. Check out the image below!

Hint: the felt dog is on the left. The image is courtesy Cute Overload (of course).

I just checked Amazon and the books are going to arrive super quick! I am one step closer to my master plan: move to the White Mountains, become a hermit, and make stuffed animals. Wish me luck!


Molly said...

Perhaps we can go to the White mountains this Thanksgiving and make these animals for Christmas presents!

Hellen Harty said...

I looove those little felt dogs next to their big counterpart alive dogs! That Cute Overload post made me really happy, but it makes me far more happier that you're going to make little stuffed animals!

Nico said...

meanwhile I'll be located on the opposite side of the mountain, making those little "homeboys" figurines.

Nico said...

I can't wait to see what you cook up Jess! maybe you can make me a stuffed bunny :D